My First Post

"Don't Think to Write, Write to Think."

I heard this quote the past week. It was something that I felt was very interesting because, as a creator, I usually think a lot about doing things. I think a lot more than I execute. That is one thing I am constantly working on. So this quote provides a clue to how to attain that.

Many writers follow this step. In the first draft, writers usually like to put everything that is going on in their head on to paper. This way they are not thinking about doing it, instead they are thinking through the work that they do. That is a goal for me too. I want to think through my writings and my work.

That is why there is a blog section in this site too. I want a place where I brain dump things. I want it to be consistent at it. I don't know how well I can do it. I want to try that.

This is the first blog in this site and I am very proud of how this site turned out to be. If you feel this site is good too do let me know.

If you are still reading this, Thank you.